Commonplan for Claridge Way

After our initial people-driven placemaking strategy for the Moorings a few years ago we are back and thrilled to be working with Peabody and Moorings residents on the Claridge Way regeneration project. Claridge Way plays a key role in the Moorings, strategically and socially. It’s the way to school, the route to work, a place to walk the dog, take a spin on the bike and a short-cut to the station; but it’s also a place to meet friends, chat to neighbours and the site for the Claridge Way Street Party. Despite it’s civic significance, Claridge Way lacks a sense of place. With an ambition for ‘the journey to upstage the destination’, Jan Kattein Architects and Peabody’s Thamesmead team have started to work with residents on a Commonplan for Claridge Way. The Commonplan embraces the design project as a means of coming together under a shared vision for the neighbourhood. Nearly £400k have been set aside for a programme of events, communal learning, gardening and physical interventions that will enrich hundreds of daily journeys with a string of fond memories, enchanting discoveries and opportunities to interact and engage in co-designed public spaces. We hope that the project will not only transform the perception of Claridge Way itself, but that it can serve as a catalyst to forward community cohesion and dialogue and maybe entice people to feel a dab proud when they talk about their neighbourhood.