ISO registration completed

Our UCAS accredited assessor, ACM have today issued our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. The ISO 9001 standard certifies our internal quality management systems and ISO 14001 certifies our environmental management system. The certification process involved a 3 stage audit during which ACM examined in detail how we run our business. Chrysanthe Staikopoulou who lead the accreditation process from Jan Kattein Architects said: “The whole office has been working on the documentation for accreditation for almost a year now and it’s amazing how serious everyone’s taken their contribution. It is a daring move to invite an external consultant into the business to examine how we work and I think that we can be very proud that an onerous process has ultimately lead to such a positive outcome.” Richard McCrilley from ACM said: “By managing the accreditation yourself [rather than appointing external consultants] you guys have not chosen the easy option and the benefits that this has brought are evident.” The first internal audit of the system will start in September with a management meeting scheduled for January 2016. ACM will re-inspect next April and annually therafter.