£300 outdoor room built

Last week a delegation from Jan Kattein Architects travelled to Wiltshire to help Global Generation design and make an outdoor room for their camp site in the rolling hills of the ancient celtic landscape. Global Generation is an educational charity focused on enhancing the life chances of young people growing up in inner London. A range of creative and entrepreneurial activities including gardening, cooking, photography, writing, making and a work placement programme are designed to boost young peoples’ confidence and expose them to life-changing experiences. The Wiltshire campsite is an integral part of the programme, hosting camps for young people, many of which have never before left London. The structure touches the pristine landscape lightly, allowing sun, wind and views into the room whilst providing protection from intermittent downpours. The butterfly roof collects rainwater for off-grid living. Redundant telegraph poles were re-used for foundations. An ultra light-weight softwood frame based on truss structures gives the roof the appearance that it’s floating. The design and construction process itself became an educational experience, with people from 4 years to 50 years surprised by what can be achieved with ambition, confidence and determination.